Monday, June 20, 2016

City of Malibu harasses citizens with parking tickets. Makes public feel hate for police.

Check the following link for some background:

Excessive Traffic Tickets: Hurting the Middle Class Again​" at the link below!

#CityofMalibu is unique. For sake of money, it issues excessive parking violations and fines innocent citizens with money. This augments public's hate for police.
Malibu police is the most liberal LOL in penalizing citizens #MalibuParkingtickets IMHO. Many of the reasons they issue ticket for are perfect candidates for just warnings. For sake of 'FREE' money, city encourages tickets but this is not free money. This makes public frustrated and angry. Police is supposed to be at service of public- not to be used by city councils as revenue machines!
I have two personal examples. I am angry at laws, and policing being practiced in our nation.

1) First time, it happened last year! I went to the Zuma beach and after some scouting, I found a free parking spot on a busy summer afternoon. When I came back, there was citation by City of Malibu that I was missing front license plate! I really expected that Police would put a gentle reminder and not force me to pay $58!! Malibu city, your police department is really well trained to find avenues to generate money for the city! You know what? I hate you! This makes me hate police in general! I pay lot of taxes to Federal, State, County and cities but the way you treat me as a criminal makes me angry at you! If I had parked in paid parking lot, I am sure your police would not go to every car to check front license plates and issue tickets! I know this for sure because I had parked same car many times and your police never gave me ticket. You guys get annoyed because people try to find free parking to save some bucks!

2) Few days back, this happened again. In June 2016. Again, on a busy summer day when people rush to beaches for coolness. The parking I had done did not obstruct any one or violate any sign that restricted parking. I had parked along with hundred other cars!
I had found a clear safe parking spot. I made sure there was no "No Parking signs" or parking restrictions. However, the city trained traffic police found a reason that only "Parallel Parking was allowed" and gave me a ticket. I swear I walked reasonable distance in every direction to make sure there is no sign that prohibits my parking!
See the image below. As there was clear area to park without obstruction any one, it should be legal to park there. Also there was No "No parking" or "parallel Parking only" sign nearby.
Malibu parking citations are insane

2A) There is a fence in the front. Car parked here does not create inconvenience to anyone. Also, there is no straight access to beach because of fence in front.
2B) The car is completely off the road.

Malibu parking ticket
2C) See images. There are cars allowed with "Straight Parking" next to the parking spot.
As you can see, there are cars already allowed to park "Not Parallel"

As you can see, there are cars already allowed to park "Not Parallel"

2D) City is intentionally using laws to generate revenue and harass innocent citizens. Malibu city is notorious to harass citizens with penalties when poor residents try to save money by using free parking spots.
2E) 2 families can park car safely by parking "not parallel" instead of only one family parking parallel.

Here is my request.
1) Put a No Parking sign there if you think parking here creates any issue, or inconvenience to general public OR stop issuing tickets for people who park in these 2 spots!
2) Do not make public hate police. Do not use police to generate revenue for City councils. #PoliceBrutality is a national issue. Please do not worsen it by harassing law abiding citizens for sake of money for city governments! If needed, issue Warnings!

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