Tuesday, January 9, 2024

US Citizens do not need VISA to visit Turkey.

 Dear Travelers,

Online-passport-photo teams is delighted to share a recent development that may impact your travel plans to Turkey.

As of Jan 1st 2024, the Turkish government has officially waived the visa requirement for American citizens entering the country. This means that you, as an American passport holder, no longer need a visa to visit Turkey.

This positive change aims to facilitate smoother travel experiences and enhance bilateral relations between two nations. However, it's essential to check for any additional entry requirements or changes in travel regulations before your planned departure.

We hope this news adds to the ease and enjoyment of your upcoming trip to Turkey.

Safe travels!

Here are some photos of our trip to Turkey a month ago when we had to get Visa!! Now we need to go again to this beautiful country to take benefit of no visas!

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