Thursday, February 21, 2013

Passport photos are more expensive now

Not long ago, stores like Walgreens and CVS used to charge $6.99 for two passport photos. Slowly they raised the prices to $9.99 for two photos. Now the prices have entered into double digits! They have started charging $10.99 for two passport photos now!

On the other side, more and more people are getting passport photos online. It is so convenient! You don't even need to leave your home and you can pick up finished photos, not 1,2,3..but 6 photos, at the same Walgreens or CVS store for around $7. Online passport photo businesses can help you get big discount if you need lot of photos. will provide you 6 USA passport photos for $6.95 and you can get 12 photos for only $9.95.
Other than prices, online passport photo providers can help you get photos for any country, in any size and as per any specific requirements.

Walgreens Passport photo service and prices:

PS: Walgreens has one of the best photo printing in the drug store industry. However, I doubt their passport photo service. See the photo on their passport photo page. The lady has shadow across the face!! Most passport offices will reject such a photo that doesn't have uniformly exposed face!

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  1. Passport photos are expensive, ironically, some of them are very expensive.