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Saudi Arabia: easy E-visa alternatives

 Saudi Arabia: easy E-visa alternatives


Saudi Arabia provides alternative visa options for foreign citizens who wish to visit the country, including those planning a trip to Saudi Arabia for tourism, the Umrah or business purposes. You can find out which visa type is best for you based on your travel plans and personal preferences at


E-visa application for Saudi Arabia


As part of its tourism initiative, the Saudi government has introduced an e-visa option for citizens from nearly 70 countries. 
The application makes it easier for citizens from all over the world to travel to Saudi Arabia for tourism, the Umrah or business purposes. 
Muslims from various countries who obtain visas through this application can easily travel to Saudi Arabia for the Umrah.

Advantages of the application: 
- Touristic visas allow for multiple entries and have a one-year validity period. 
- Touristic visas allow for a maximum stay of 90 days.

On, you can see which countries are eligible for e-visas as well as the application conditions.


Visa facilitation at the gate to Saudi Arabia


In addition to citizens of the aforementioned countries, where e-visa facilities are available, all foreign citizens who are not citizens of one of the relevant countries but hold a Schengen / US / UK visa or a valid residence permit in these countries are issued a tourist visa at the airport entry gates. This tourist visa is valid for one year and allows for multiple entries (including the Umrah visa), with a total stay of 90 days.


Transportation: High-speed train from Jeddah Airport to Mecca and Medina


The recently launched Haremeyn High Speed Train service takes passengers from Jeddah Airport to Makkah in about 45 minutes and to Medina in about 90 minutes. Passengers can also use "Uber" and "Careem" taxi services at standard rates.

For train tickets and route information, go to


Explore the city with a stopover in İstanbul!


On flights to and from Saudi Arabia with a stopover in İstanbul, you can stay free of charge at Turkish Airlines' contracted hotels and visit the city's spectacular touristic spots. You can find more details by checking Stopover in İstanbul or Tourİstanbul pages.

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